It must not always be the singers who stand out in programs such as ‘Got Talent’. A large dance group also reviewed this week in the American version, which amazed just about everyone with their perfectly synchronous steps.

With over 60 girls (we have made an effort to count them), the Emerald Bellas entered the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’ this week. Their specialty? The ‘high kicks’, an endangered dance style that is best known for the Rockettes. However, Texas high school students are trying to breathe new life into the concept.

And they also do that with verve. Although it is not at all easy to move with so many dancers at the same time, the girls manage to stay astonishingly synchronous,  even to the painful-looking split at the end. The entire room is very impressed, and the jury – with the exception of the critical stand-up comedian Howie – throws compliments afterwards. The Belles have enough to transfer to the next round for three ‘yeses’. We hope to see them again in the live shows.