The 76th Golden Globe Awards ceremony gave the audience a lot of interesting points, starting with the victory of Rami Malek and ending with the ubiquitous promoter of water Fiji. However, there was a place for small scandals, which were not immediately told, at the high society party. One of them was the indignation of the actor Antonio Banderas by the loving spirit of Heidi Klum and her fiance Tom Kaulitz.

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Heidi and Tom embraced, held hands and kissed on the red carpet and on the prize itself, and the frank dress of a 45-year-old model surprised many guests and spectators. Eyewitnesses said that Banderas called Heidi Klum’s behavior “ridiculous peep show.” Perhaps the actor had in mind not only the public expression of feelings, but also the dances that the model performed in the elevator.