The actress leaves to lead an expedition in an area cut off from any civilization.

Paramout Pictures has just released a new trailer for  Annihilation , an ambitious new sci-fi movie by Alex Garland , director of  Ex machina . (see below).

Inspired by the eponymous novel written by Jeff VanderMeer , Annihiliation tells the story of a biologist ( Natalie Portman ) who finds her husband in a coma ( Oscar Isaac), following an expedition to a mysterious and abandoned area. All previous missions have failed, through disappearances, suicides and mental trauma. But the scientist decides to go to this site with a team to understand what really happened and hope to find a cure to wake her husband. The images in the trailer show these worried and suspicious scientists in a hostile territory they do not understand, inhabited by terrifying creatures. The casting also consists of Jennifer Jason Leigh ( The Eight Dirty ), Gina Rodriguez ( Jane the Virgin ), Tessa Thompson ( Thor: Ragnarok) and Tuva Novotny ( Eat, pray, love ).

Annihilation will be released in our rooms on March 7, 2018.