In Israel an angry reaction was made to the refusal of the American-Israeli actress Natalie Portman to attend the presentation of the Genesis Prize.


The Oscar-winner does not want to receive the prize in protest against the anti-Palestinian policy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He would speak during the ceremony, but the ceremony was canceled.

Members of the Likud party of Netanyahu have suggested to deprive Portman of her passport and citizenship. According to some ministers from the Israeli cabinet, the actress was “manipulated by the Palestinians led international boycott campaign against Israel”.

Last November it was announced that Portman won the prize. It goes annually to “extraordinary individuals who inspire the next generation of Jews, because of their outstanding professional achievements and dedication to the Jewish values and the Jewish people”.


At that time the actress, who was born in Jerusalem, was still grateful. “We are saddened that Mrs. Portman has decided not to attend the Genesis Prize ceremony for political reasons, we are concerned that her decision will make our philanthropic organization politic, something that we have been working hard over the past five years. tried to avoid “, according to a statement from the organizers of the prize.

Israel has received a lot of international criticism in recent weeks because of the violent reactions to the Palestinian protests at the border with the Gaza Strip. At least 35 Palestinian protesters were shot by the Israeli army, and hundreds were injured.