Angelina Jolie delivered a poignant speech when she came to Vancouver (Canada) for the UN summit.

As you all know, Angelina Jolie is not just a world famous actress, a true tribal mother, and Brad Pitt’s ex-wife with whom the relationship is not so good. She is also a committed woman. Since 2001, the 42-year-old star has been traveling the world defending refugee law on behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

On Wednesday, November 15, she again delivered an eloquent speech at the UN summit in Vancouver, Canada. The ambassador addressed foreign dignitaries and military leaders, questioning global efforts to end sexual violence in conflict zones, and called on the United Nations to reverse the trend. “Twenty-one years ago, the UN promised to tackle the sexual abuse of peacekeepers and increase the number of women deployed in operations,” she said. “Yet the exploitation of defenseless civilians is still taking place, and even less than 4% of all peacekeepers are women.” This meeting was an opportunity to address the issue of child soldiers, their protection in conflict, and the role of women in peacekeeping missions and military operations.