The lingering divorce case of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seems not yet resolved. Angelina stepped back to court today, this time because she believes that Brad has not paid ‘meaningful alimony’ for the six children for the last year and a half.

“Pitt has a duty to pay child support,” says Angelina’s lawyer in the papers filed on Tuesday, NBC News received the letter “Pitt has not paid any meaningful maintenance since the breach.” Angelina applied for a divorce in September 2016, reportedly after Brad had beaten one of their six children. Since then the two have been stumbling over their divorce, they can not agree on parental authority.

Angelina and her lawyer now propose to appear before the court so that the financial matters can be discussed. Brad, his spokesperson or lawyer have not yet responded to Angelina’s new requests.

Acquaintances of the actor dismiss Angelina’s new allegations in Page Six as ‘a publicity stunt’. “She does this because Brad was tired and said that he wanted to tackle the formal divorce process,” the initiates know, “Brad has fully fulfilled his obligations regarding alimony and will continue to do so.This is only a publicity stunt because he wanted to resume the formal process. “

TMZ reports on the basis of sources that Angelina wants to make haste with the divorce. According to the site, her lawyer asked the court on Tuesday to dissolve the marriage of the two. If Brad and she would still not be out in terms of parental authority, Angelina would still be able to arrange that later.