Angelina Jolie spotted walking with daughter Vivien in Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie was spotted walking with daughter Vivienne after shopping in Los Angeles. The attention of the paparazzi mother and daughter, who walked embracing, attracted at the exit of the popular shopping center The Grove.

The Hollywood actress, who is known for her minimalist style off the red carpet, opted for a discreet outfit this time around. True, Jolie for the first time in a long time changed her favorite black color and preferred gray-beige tones. The outfit was complemented by a luxury accessory – a Loro Piana bag worth almost four thousand dollars.

I invest in quality stuff and then I just wear it all the way

Angelina Jolie

– the actress commented on her style in an interview with Vogue magazine last year.

Jolie’s children clearly follow her example and are also very calm about fashion in everyday life – instead of the latest trends, they choose comfort and convenience. So, Vivienne appeared in loose jeans and a voluminous sweatshirt. Previously, oversized things were often preferred by her older sister Shiloh. However, last year on the red carpet, she appeared in an altered dress of her mother, which made a splash.