Angelina Jolie will play the leading role in The Kept, a film adaptation of the book of the same name. The actress is also going to produce the film.


Film production company Imperative Entertainment has acquired the rights to film the book, writes Variety Monday. Scenarist Alice Birch writes the script.

The story of The Kept takes place in the winter of 1897 and revolves around three murderers who kill a family. When the character Elspeth Howell (role of Jolie) comes home, she sees that her husband and four of her children have been murdered.


She discovers that her fifth son is hiding and is still alive. The mother and son then go in search of the murderers to take revenge.

The book, written by James Scott, came out in 2014. The Dutch translation appeared under the title Hidden.

Jolie is soon to be seen in the sequel to the Disney film Maleficent and is currently recording Come Away, in which the actress can be seen next to actor David Oyelowo.