After several months of appeasement, the old lovers argue over who will spend Christmas with the children.

In September 2016, Hollywood’s most glamorous couple broke apart after making the whole world dream. Absolute earthquake on the planet people. From legal battle to media war, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not spared anything. During the first months, the two stars did everything to win the divorce and especially the custody of the six children. Then an attempt at peace. Brad who makes his redemption in the columns of “GQ” , Angie who accepts that his children see their father again. It was then thought that peace between the old lovers was signed, total reconciliation.

But it only lasted a while. With the Christmas holidays approaching, the old lovers are tearing each other apart. Both would like to have children for Christmas Eve and do not seem ready to make concessions. Not this time. “Brad has been very frustrated with having to give up his plans to spend Thanksgiving with his kids, and it’s hard to imagine spending the next vacation with Angelina,” says a friend of Brad in the columns of the “Hollywood Life” website. Hollywood icon actor really wants his future ex-wife for Thanksgiving; she did not give him the choice, “he did not choose the turkey she had already taken the children abroad”.

 The magic of Christmas?

But is it impossible, for one as for the other, to spend the evening together? Angelina and Brad could very well meet at Christmas for the sake of the children … as they did at the last Halloween, at the initiative of the actress. “Angelina invited Brad to go knock on the doors with the children (…) She knows how much he likes to go out with the children, they can disguise themselves, to blend in the mass like normal people,” had a close to ” Hollywood Life “before concluding as follows:” Brad has gone through a lot of things these days, she knows that he will forever be part of the children’s lives so why not tell him to come? “Maybe the Christmas magic will work the same way.