After the facial recognition, it is the turn of the recognition of objects to appear on Android smartphones. And thanks to a feature at Google Lens.

While facial recognition is hot on the heels of smartphone users, a feature for recognizing objects is appearing on Android. It is through Google Photos that his deployment has been announced. A deployment to use a useful function called Lens to search from the photo sensor of the device. Note that the recognition of objects is already effective on the pixels of the firm Google.

Google makes other Android smartphones benefit from its Lens function


It is from the Google Photos gallery that it will be possible for an Android smartphone to use the Lens function. With the latter, the user can scan a camera-facing object and obtain information about it via a web search. There is a detailed description of the structure facing the camera as a historic building (the tweet above is a perfect example). But other possibilities can be explored thanks to Lens: when a business card is photographed, Lens can save the contact directly in the directory of the Android smartphone. Wi-Fi networks are also concerned: now no need to enter a code – sometimes tedious, Lens will scan it.