Malware developers are only too well aware that much of the internet traffic comes from pornographic sites. It is therefore on these that these malware is broadcast and affect a large portion of Android users!

Never internet will have filled with so much pornographic content. With its millions engendered, the industry is doing pretty well and the audience is more than many. And that, the malicious ones behind the malware understood it rather well. Because it is through these sites for adults that many spread malware faced by the most exposed users are those of Android, the famous mobile operating system developed by Google. A study conducted by Kaspersky Lab reveals more about these figures.

Android, target of choice for malware

The Kaspersky Lab study reveals a lot about malware figures. In 2017, 4.9 million Android devices had to deal with one of these malware. But of its 4.9 million, 1.2 – a quarter – were infected via pornographic sites. This data is not so surprising when you consider that adult content represents a large part of the traffic on the net.

Kaspersky Lab’s study concludes by stating ” This is not new. Criminals have been using porn as luring since the first moments of adult online content. ”

The Google OS particularly targeted?

This is not the first time that Google’s operating system security has been singled out in recent months. Recently, the firm had to remove dozens of apps for children that broadcast pornographic content. Not to mention that the store of the firm is much less controlled than that of the App Store and can sometimes contain software that is not safe, verified by the firm. Suffice to say that for their own safety, users must be extra careful!