The professor of immunology and vaccines, Ahmed Mahmoud Salman, the only Egyptian in the Oxford University team to produce the Corona virus vaccine, revealed that they have started making the vaccine since the genotype was found.

Salman said, in an interview with the program “Story” on the “MBC Egypt” screen, that injecting human with anti-Corona serum makes the immune system be a memory and equips a whole army to confront the virus in the event of infection, adding that the serum is very safe.

He continued: “90% of the cells of the body, especially the cells of the respiratory system and the intestine, have a base to receive the virus … the Corona virus consists of 11 genes.” For the cell.

He explained that the vaccination being implemented is a type of virus called “chimpanzee”, and all the enzymes that make it able to reproduce have been removed.

Salman pointed out that clinical and clinical studies started on monkeys and mice at the end of February, and the results were promising. Then, he was tried on the first clinical study volunteer starting on April 23, 2020 after he demonstrated his safety and efficacy in animals.

He added: “The vaccine proved to give 100% immunity against corona and prevents pneumonia for monkeys, as 6 monkeys were vaccinated against 3 monkeys that were not vaccinated with the vaccine and 9 monkeys were infected, so the result was that the six monkeys vaccinated did not have any pneumonia and monkeys that She was not vaccinated with pneumonia. “