ip to beat the record Avatar history at the global box office? Avengers: Endgame has not yet left the movie theaters that Marvel Studios have already announced Tuesday its “return” on the screens, with an expanded version of the last episode of the saga.

According to the figures of specialized Exhibitor Relations, Avengers: Endgamehas raised $ 2.749 billion worldwide since its release in late April.

Thanks to a flying start (more than $ 1.2 billion for his first weekend of operation), he easily dethroned Titanic in second place in the global box office.

But the 22 th  film of the Marvel cinematic universe has since lost much of its momentum and it still lags some 40 million behind the number one Avatar , released in 2009.

Starting on Friday, Marvel hopes to give Avengers: Endgame a little breath by offering fans a new version of the film, augmented with an “unfinished scene” that was removed from the original version and an introductory video by director Anthony Russo.

“If they manage to get enough interest in this operation and the film is long enough to appear,” the latest episode of the Avengers could beat the Avatar record , says Paul Dergarabedian, expert of Comscore.

The purpose of this expanded version is also to help promote the next Marvel movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home , he notes.

This new album, an original collaboration between Marvel (Disney group) and the Sony studios that hold the rights for the spider-man movie, takes the story of the Marvel universe where Endgame left it. A “special preview” of the new film is also planned to accompany the expanded version of Endgame .

“It’s one of many ways to keep Marvel magic going,” says Dergarabedian.

The “return” of the Avengers on the screens is all the more virtual since it has never disappeared from American theaters since its release: it was still in 985 cinemas last weekend in the United States and Canada, where he raised two million dollars.