Comédienne and actress Amy Schumer would be talking about the leading role in a biography film about Christy Martin, a boxing champion who counts as the “most successful American female boxer ever”.

 Martin is seen as the woman who made it “ordinary” for women to participate in professional boxing in the early 1990s.

During her career Martin won many matches and in 2005 she would fight against the Dutch boxing champion Lucia Rijker. This fight was canceled, however, because Rijker had an injury to her Achilles tendon.  

In the film, not only the professional but also the private life of Martin will be highlighted, reports Deadline. So the boxer left her husband Jim for a woman, whereupon he stabbed her with a knife and also shot at it. Martin survived and her ex-husband ended up in prison.

For Schumer (36), known from comedy films such as Trainwreck and Snatched, it would be the first role in a drama film.