This year, eight films participate in the Oscar race in the Best Film nomination, and although according to bookmakers Alfonso Cuarón leads Roma, the hearts of American audiences are cast by Ryan Kugler’s Black Panther.

USA Today recently conducted a survey among 3,000 of its users, which film, in their opinion, should receive an Oscar in the main nomination. The winner was the Black Panther, 24% of the participants voted for it. “It reminds us that entertainment cinema can also be meaningful, change your life and influence the world,” commented Fandango editor Eric Davies on an unexpected poll result.

Whether the Black Panther will receive an Oscar, we will find out on Sunday, but in any case, the nomination of a superhero project for the prestigious film award is already a big victory for the genre.

Recall that, in addition to “Roma” and “Black Panther”, Bradley Cooper’s debut “Star was Born” in the category “Best Film”, the biopic about Freddie Mercury “Bohemian Rhapsody”, another biopic “Power” with unrecognizable Christian Bale, Black clanman ”Spike Lee, winner of the Toronto festival“ Green Book ”and sensational“ Favorite ”Yorgos Lantimos.