Sarah Hyland could never boast good health. Last year, she had to explain her painful thinness, and in this the actress took part in an interview with the Self publication, where she frankly told about kidney surgeries and showed her scars.

Sarah Hyland was diagnosed with renal dysplasia a long time ago, and seven years ago she had the first transplant. At that time her father was a donor, but two years ago the body began to reject the organ, and the actress had to remove the kidney. Until recently, nobody knew about this, except for Sarah’s relatives.

Hyland told that she went into surgery last May, just at the time when she was reprimanded for propaganda of anorexia, then she was diagnosed with a hernia of the abdomen, and all these events had a serious effect on her psyche. “When your close relative sacrifices himself and gives you a second chance, and everything ends in failure, it seems to you that it is your fault. Even if this is not the case, ”Sarah admitted.

In September 2017, the actress again underwent transplantation, and this time her younger brother volunteered to donate. “When a family member that you need to take care of, wants to help, it scares. Because you are afraid of another failure and you feel incredible pressure because of this, ”shared Sara. The star showed numerous scars and told how hard she was given these one and a half years.

“I was depressed and thought about committing suicide. All my life I felt like a burden. A person who constantly needs to be looked after and taken care of, because I have always had health problems. It turned out to be too hard, ”Hyland admitted with tears in her eyes.

Fortunately, her condition is now stable. She thanked her family for the cares and sacrifices they made for her, and her friends for their support in such a difficult time.