In the new issue of Interview, 33-year-old Amber Heard showed herself in all its beauty and talked about how it feels to see yourself on large screens and protect your identity in a world devoid of any privacy.

In a conversation with Interview, the actress remembered the first time she saw herself from the side.

I have only vague memories of this. It sounds like a weird feeling when you first hear your voice on an answering machine. But to understand the depth of my embarrassment, it should be multiplied by 100%. I’m still not used to seeing myself on the screen, so I have developed a protective mechanism so that my ego can more easily survive such moments,

– said Hurd.

The pride of celebrities is often attacked. For example, the other day, paparazzi captured Amber on the streets of Los Angeles without makeup, and some Internet users immediately found a second chin and bags under the eyes of the star.

Even personal photos of stars can serve as a reason for fan investigations, which Hurd refers to one of the reasons for celebrities’ reluctance to start social networks.

I have been running my pages for only two years. When you are in the public eye, you get used to very strictly protect your image and personal life, as well as uphold the right to privacy. There is a real need to fight for privacy, which is why many people shun social networks,

– judged the star.