Alexa’s evil laughter will have terrorized more than one user of connected speakers. Fortunately, Amazon gave an explanation.

This is a little story of the weekend, the one that Google himself made fun of his Twitter account. Many Alexa speaker users complained, in support of videos, of an unwanted, unwelcome laugh from the voice assistant. Fortunately, Amazon offered an explanation for this phenomenon that is slightly cold in the back!

A source query for the problem


Amazon explained that a specific query could mislead Alexa and cause that laugh. This is ” Alexa, laugh ” who orders the vocal assistant to laugh. A short word that can be heard by Alexa through any micro-sound. From then on, the voice assistant runs and utters such a malicious laugh that Amazon should also think about correcting it! We hardly imagine the fear of users who, in the middle of the night, hear Alexa light up to release such a sound.

Note that faced with this problematic ” Alexa, laugh “, Amazon has planned the deployment of a fix!