This became known from the documents that accidentally hit the network.

The wife of actor George Clooney, Amal, is active in her work as a human rights lawyer – in April she spoke at a meeting of the UN Security Council to finally start fighting against sexual violence in military conflicts and even harshly criticized Council members for inaction. Also since 2012, Amal has been known as a lawyer for the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and since April 2019, as a representative for the protection of the rights of journalists at the British Foreign Office. And now the network got the information that Amal Clooney offered Assange a way to avoid arrest and leave the UK.

According to the documents that were in the possession of the Daily Mail, back in September 2013, she offered Assange to ask the government of Ecuador to be the Minister of Information Technology or another diplomatic post in order to receive immunity with her.

Julian will have immunity, they will not be able to arrest him, and he will receive the right to leave the country, 

– says Amal. According to her, this is a “legal trick” and a loophole in the legislation, thanks to which Assange could leave the country without violating the conditions for going out on bail.

It is noteworthy that the information leak occurred against the backdrop of the participation of Amal Clooney at the International Conference on Freedom of the Media in London. On Tuesday and Wednesday she participated in round tables and plenary sessions of the conference. Experts suggest that information about the councils of Amal Clooney will have a negative impact on the head of the British Foreign Office, Jeremy Hunt, who in April appointed her as his assistant to media freedom.

Since April 11 of this year, the founder of Wikileaks has been accused of violating the terms of bail and arrested at the request of the United States for a period of 11 months. If the British authorities extradite him to the United States, there he could face the death penalty or life imprisonment for espionage and the disclosure of secret information.