Lady Gaga released a video for the song Stupid Love – he was the first since 2017. The clip is completely shot on the iPhone 11.

The new single will enter the singer’s sixth studio album, LG6, and according to music critics, it’s similar to Gaga’s early hits – Just Dance, Boys Boys Boys and Poker Face.

According to the plot of the clip, two men are fighting in an alien desert, and Lady Gaga with pink hair is trying to stop this fight, dancing with different “tribes” of this fictional planet. Using the power of the mind, she lifts people up and throws them to the ground.

The actress presented the song in January, and the video only last night. It is known that Lady Gaga recorded this track together with singer and producer Max Martin. She admits that before that she always worked alone and it was unusual for her to create new music with someone else.

Fans warmly greeted the new Gaga video, although many noticed that the “video is not high enough” and looks more like a parody.