Alexander Payne denies Rose McGowan’s sexual abuse allegation in a guest column in Deadline . The actress posted on Twitter last month that the director sexually assaulted her when she was fifteen years old.

In the column, Payne denies all of McGowan’s allegations. “McGowan and I have always had very warm contact and I have always admired her commitment to activism. However, what she has said about me in recent social media posts is simply not true.”

According to McGowan, Payne has shown her softcore porn that he directed under a different name. “I remember your apartment in Silverlake. You are well endowed. You left me on the street corner afterwards. I was fifteen,” said the actress, known from Charmed, among others .

The director claims their paths never crossed when McGowan was fifteen years old. “That was the late 1980s. I was a full-time film student at UCLA at the time.”

Rose and I met years later when she auditioned for a short comic I was making for Playboy. Although she didn’t get the part, she left me a note asking me to call her. reason to wonder how old she was, as the role required an adult actress. We went on a few dates later and stayed on friendly terms for years. “