Kim Kardashian does not seem to be critical. While she could count on massive disapproval last year after she was riding an elephant in Indonesia, the reality star recently visited another elephant shelter and shared photos of it on Instagram. According to followers and animal activists, the center in Bali is not at all animal friendly and only a tourist attraction.

On photos Kim cuddles with the elephant’s trunk. Her husband Kanye West also poses next to the animal. “Don’t miss Bali! And the great reception center”, the reality star adds.

“Do not visit and post about these places if you do not have the right information. These beautiful animals should be treated with respect and not be seen as a toy to ride or experience an Insta-pic. Disgusting,” writes a follower below. Many other fans also speak shame and ask Kim to remove the photos.

The reality star has not yet responded to the fuss. When Kim became discredited last year after her elephant ride, she made herself heard. At the time, she said she had done good research on the site before her visit and that it was about “rescued elephants”. However, animal rights organization PETA contradicted this. “Everywhere in the world tourists get the chance to climb an elephant without knowing what these animals have to endure.”