A new giant of new technologies leaves the social network.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is without one of the worst moments of the social network. Faced with the data collection of millions of users, Mark Zuckerberg multiplies the interventions to try to offer a new image to Facebook. And while the man was recently stung by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, it is the turn of the co-creator of the Cupertino company, Steve Wozniak, to speak about it.

Apple’s co-founder criticizes Facebook

This is a new bad advertisement for Facebook. While the co-creator of WhatsApp invited users to delete their accounts, that Elon Musk left the social network, it’s time for one of the brains behind Apple to leave: Steve Wozniak. And as if that was not enough, the man explains his decision bluntly to USA Today.

Users provide all the details of their lives to Facebook and it generates financial revenue with. The recipes are based on the personal data of the Net surfers but they do not receive profit in return.


For Steve Wozniak, it would make even more sense to pay to use Facebook and protect his privacy in return. A logic similar to that of Apple: during his pike against Zuckerger, Tim Cook had explained that his firm made good products protecting privacy in exchange for a certain price.