Cameron Diaz does not regret quitting her successful acting career. After quitting acting in 2014, she finally had more time to herself. “I was able to take care of myself again,” Diaz tells Gwyneth Paltrow in In Goop Health: The Sessions .

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In the conversation, the two girlfriends spoke about their choice to leave Hollywood behind.

According to Diaz, many people found her choice to quit incomprehensible. “A lot of people didn’t understand, but it was intense to work at that level.”

“A lot comes at you when you are a well-known actor and you always have to be there, on the set and with the press,” the 47-year-old actress continues.

When she was still active in the film industry, she sometimes felt that she was always ’employed’. “When you make a movie, the makers are just your owner. You are there for twelve hours a day for months on end, you never even have free time.”

Diaz wanted direction back

After she turned 40, she realized that she had to change her life. “I had to take responsibility for my own life and take back control.”

It also helped that she also met her current husband Benji Madden at the time. The two married in 2015 and had a daughter earlier this year.

Diaz last appeared as an actress in the films Annie , Sex Tape and The Other Woman . She started acting at the age of twenty-two. Before that she already worked as a model.