Netflix has taken over a new project from Paramount. An adventure movie about time travel starring Ryan Reynolds will star in the streaming service, The Hollywood Reporter reports .

The film, which has been planned since 2012, is produced by film studio Skydance. It was previously said that the film would be entitled Our Name Is Adam and that Tom Cruise would play a role.

However, Reynolds now has the lead role as Shawn Levy directs. The pair would bring the movie Free Guy to the cinema in July . However, this release was delayed until December due to the corona crisis.

Production for the time travel adventure film is set to begin in Vancouver in November. The story is about a man who goes back in time to seek help from his thirteen-year-old self. He runs into his deceased father.

It is not the first time that Skydance offers a film directly to Netflix. Their title The Old Guard was recently released and 6 Underground was released last year , which also features Reynolds.