Do not know who to believe!

Yesterday, Pamela Anderson wrote a very emotional post on Instagram, in which she announced her breakup with football player Adil Rami, accusing him of adultery and calling him a monster. While the subscribers of the actress, including famous people, began to support and sympathize with her, Adil hesitated with the answer, but still some time later published his version of the incident on the same social network. In no way blaming Pamela, Adil only denied all her words, noting that his “double life” was all about communicating with his children and their mother Sidonie Biemon.

Parting is never easy. And often at such times strong emotions take over.Pamela is a whole person, whom I deeply respect, she was convinced of my feelings and they really were sincere – my love was always sincere. That is what I want to remember. I don’t think we should share the details of our private life, our history. But I still want to shed some light on a specific situation – about treason. For myself, I consider it impossible to lead a double life. I just try to keep a stable relationship with my children and their mother Sidonie, which I also deeply respect. Apparently, I should have been more “transparent” in these relations. I think so. I remain – and always will be – faithful to my principles and values ​​and will continue to support the organization @solidaritefemmes, fighting against domestic violence. I am proud of, I can take part in this beautiful campaign. I would like our families and friends to calm down and understand everything correctly, although it hurts me so much. I also hope for your understanding and respect.

Recall last year Pamela decided to leave America and move to the south of France.During the Formula 1 Grand Prix, she met Adiel Rami, defender of the Marseille football club. It was love at first sight, they were not embarrassed by any difference in age, nor by the fact that she almost does not speak French, but he does not speak English well.

Adil is looking at me – and can not believe that I am 50. He calls me an alien. He says, “Stop it, you’re 30 years old! Show me your driver’s license! There are a lot of girls younger than you, but they don’t look that way. How do you do that?” In response, I note that we are as old as we feel, ”said Pamela in an interview then.