Singer Adele shut down rumors of her split from boyfriend Rich Paul on Instagram on February 2 by posting a clear message aimed at the general public.

Is Adele a heart to take? It is not so ! For a few days, the rumor swelled on his relationship with Rich Paul . Was it all over? Well, it turns out not! The young woman denied the rumors by taking over social networks on February 2. She posted a picture of herself smiling wildly. “Hi, I’m very happy to announce that I’m going to be performing at the BRIT Awards next week! And, I’ll be appearing on Graham’s show (Editor’s note: The Graham Norton Show) for a couch chat on the occasion of my coming to town. Can’t wait. Oh and Rich sends you all his love ,” she wrote.Clear words: everything is fine between Rich Paul and Adele! The couple has many more surprises in store for us…


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Where does such a rumor come from? On the eve of the launch of her residence in Las Vegas at the end of January, the singer had spoken, in tears , in a video. ” We did absolutely everything we could to get it ready on time and up to snuff, for you, but we were destroyed by delivery delays and the Covid . (…) I I’m really sad, very embarrassed and so sorry for those who traveled. I’m so, so sorry.”