She is heartbroken. A week after the death of his brother, Benjamin Keough, Riley Keough , his sister, published a vibrant tribute on his Instagram account.

The actress seen in “American Honey” or “Mad Max: Fury Road” writes: “The morning is the hardest time of my day. I do not allow myself to cry for fear of never stopping. It is a new pain for me. You. There is no word to describe you. “Angel” is the closest I can think of. Pure light. Little brother. Best friend. Wild man. Intellectual. Witness to my life. Twin soul. Protective. Too sensitive for this world. I hope you gave me strength to face the gaping hole that you left in my heart. I hope you gave me the strength to eat. I hope you are lulled by love. I hope you feel my love. I hope you feel God. You are God. I can’t believe you left me. Not you sweet Ben Ben. Anyone but not you. I imagine that is what it means to be heartbroken. I hope we will meet again. “

A letter that she accompanied with several photos where we discover her accomplice, in the company of her brother.

It was on Sunday July 13 that the son of Lisa Marie Presley and the grandson of Elvis Presley were found dead. The autopsy revealed that Benjamin Keough had committed suicide by bullet. He was only 27 years old. Her mother has not yet spoken about the tragedy. Her manager explained that she was “inconsolable” and “totally devastated”.