The actress of the American series recounts her experience on the set of NCIS , she left last year. She quotes Mark Harmon, the main actor, and evokes an assault.

A year after leaving NCIS: Special Investigations , Pauley Perrette comes out of silence. The actress, who left the American series after 15 seasons in the role of Abby Sciuto, published two tweets Friday in which she claims to be “terrified” by Mark Harmon, the main actor, and evokes violence.

“NO I WILL NOT RETURN (in NCIS)! NEVER!”, She writes. “I’m terrified of Harmon and him attacking me, I’m having nightmares.”

In a second tweet, the actress publishes photos of a wounded man at the corner of her eye, sewn together with stitches: “This is what happened to a member of my team and I fought like crazy to prevent it from happening again (…) And I was physically assaulted for saying NO !? and I lost my job. “

She had also complained about the rumors she saw in the tabloids about her departure, stating that a “machine” was “forcing her to silence”:

“I’m here to read the lies, to try to protect my team, to try to remain silent, he did it,” she concluded, without specifying who this “he” was referring to, or what she hinted.