The American actor and producer Steven Seagal is in turn accused of sexual harassment, the American actress Portia de Rossi being the latest to say that he had tried to have an unconditional sexual relationship with her.

The actress told her Twitter account how Seagal, which was successful in the ’90s with action movies like Sea Trap or Ultimate Decision threatened her on an unspecified date, during an audition to play in one of his films.

“He told me how important it was to be close to the plateaus when he made me sit down and undo the fly of his leather pants,” said the actress, known for her roles in the Ally McBeal and Arrested Development series and to be the wife of the star host Ellen DeGeneres.

“I ran away and called my agent,” she continued. “Impassive, she said, oh, I did not know if he was your type or not.”

Contacted by AFP, both the lawyer, the manager and the production house of the actor today 65 years have not responded.

On Friday, another actress, Julianna Margulies, told a radio show that she was harassed by Seagal almost 30 years ago in a hotel room in New York.

As a young actress, she was invited to Steven Seagal’s room one night to rehearse a scene. The assistant who had promised to be present during the interview was finally absent, she explained.

“I came out safe and sound,” she said, but “I do not know how I got out of this room.” “I screamed to get out,” she said, explaining that Seagal had a gun in evidence.

In October, another actress, Lisa Guerrero, told Newsweek magazine that Seagal had asked her in 1996 to come to his home for a “private rehearsal”, which she said she had declined.

These accusations came in the aftermath of the Weinstein case, when Seagal had already been charged with sexual harassment, including by actress Jenny McCarthy, several years ago.

He had been sued twice for similar charges in 2001 and 2010.

In the first case, the jury did not condemn the actor and in the second, the alleged victim withdrew his action.