Drew Barrymore was recently hurt by several comments on social networks.

After sharing a video in which we can see her without makeup, the popular actress has received many hate messages on Instagram.

While many of the star’s admirers complimented her on her look and natural beauty, others found ways to criticize her body.


When you need to get on a metaphorical bike… I thought, I should get on a literal one!

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The star has reacted to inappropriate comments in another publication on Instagram with a glamorous look and a new haircut.

” The haters will still hate me. Yesterday, I read your comments on my Instagram account. They were very mean, cruel and ugly. I was hurt. And what do men who are injured do? They heal themselves by getting a new haircut. (…) The beauty is inside, but a little outside it does not hurt either. “

One thing is certain, we love Drew Barrymore, makeup or not! The famous actress is simply sublime.

Drew Barrymore is not the only star to be a victim of trolls on social networks. Every day, several public figures receive hate messages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.