Nectome, an Anglo-Saxon start-up, proposes to keep human brains in liquid nitrogen, so that it can be analyzed in the future, when technologies allow it, in order to store its data in the cloud.

This is a project for the least surprising that is proposed by the start-up Nectome . It comes more specifically from two scientists who have worked at MIT and who is not without ethical problems. It is dangerously close to science fiction. The ad itself is provocative: ” what if we said we could save your mind “?

Nectome, a startup with shock ads

Nectome actually offers to keep your brain, by betting on the technologies of the future, which could allow to digitize and download your memories. So, once your death triggered by society and effective, your brain could somehow continue to live through a machine that would load the content of your brain on another medium, in the cloud for example. It is, in any case, the beautiful or crazy promise of Nectome …

And to preserve your precious brain, the start-up proposes a chemical device of embalming, named vitrifixation. This one keeps the organ in an optimal state for several long years.

 A preserved brain and the fantasy of immortality

The promoters of the start-up are very optimistic since they estimate that “it will be possible to digitize your preserved brain and use these memories to recreate your mind “. It must be said that one of them, Robert McIntyre, won a prize in the past after keeping a pig brain like never before.

However, one can have doubts about the realization of this crazy project, insofar as these researchers have a very reductive vision of the brain, which would work like a PC, according to them. Knowing that a human brain is made up of tens of billions of neurons and that a PC could have as few as 10,000 neurons in 2024, the task looks particularly difficult.

This did not discourage those who believe hard in immortality. For example, they have already spent $ 10,000 to be vitrified … This crazy project comes from the United States, where ” transhumanist ” currents feed a lot of hope into technology to become immortal …