The artist to whom we owe the song “For the End of the World”, Gérard Palaprat, died at the age of 67 years.

Indeed, it is the agent of the artist, Dany Solo, who announced the sad news today. The French singer died after a cancer, Monday night, in his home near Niort. The singer was briefly successful in the 1970s. Among his songs which are known to the general public, one finds “For the end of the world” as well as “Fais-moi signe”.

Palaprat was also known for recording a French version of the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. His version was titled “A man disappeared in the sky”. His career took a second flight in 2010 when he took part in the tour “Tender Age and Head of Wood”.  Palaprat’s latest media appearances were accusations of domestic violence against his wife. Palaprat was then sentenced to three months in prison in 2014. Here is finally the greatest success of Palaprat entitled “For the end of the world”: