Fortnite is a new competitor on the Battle Royal field!

Battle Royal is the most popular game mode in recent months. Formerly dominated by PUBG, today represented by Fortnite, no doubt that this genre still has a bright future in front of the craze of players. And while the battle is in full swing between the various titles, the former director of Epic Games – studio behind Fortnite – has just launched with his new company, Boss Key, a Battle Royal. And the least we can say is that its founder Cliff Bleszinski is rather reassembled against his former employer!

A Royal Battle that cumulates 5000 simultaneous players


Cliff Bleszinski, founder of Boss Key and former director of Epic Games is not at his first attempt when it comes to following the videogame wave. For example, the man had launched LawBreakers, a sort of mock OverWatch, which had been a bitter failure. The man returns today with Radical Heights, Battle Royal in Early Access, which intends to dethrone the game of his former employer to success phenomenon: Fortnite. In this game, players are sent in the middle of a closed area with the provision of a BMX to move faster. Once again, the goal is to be the last one still standing to snatch victory. But while Epic Games is surfing on its success and offers regular updates to its game,


Hey Epic Games. Can you stop wanting to recruit people from my team? We have just launched Radical Heights on UE4 and we are happy with the way it’s going.

Is the man a little resentful? It would seem that yes! Anyway, only time will tell if Radical Heights will have the shoulders strong enough to dethrone Fortnite just after the failure of LawBreakers …