Roger Alvarado, a fan of Taylor Swift, pleaded guilty to attempting to illegally enter the singer’s New York apartment.

Roger was arrested early in the morning of March 7: rising to the balcony of the second floor of the house where Taylor lives, he broke the window with a brick and tried to get into the apartment. The singer at the time was not at home. An alarm went off, and the police arrived and arrested Alvarado and took him to the station. Now he faces a prison sentence of two to four years for breaking, entering and attempted theft.

The house in which the apartment is located Taylor Swift

By the way, this is not the first time that Roger tried to get into the Swift apartments. Exactly a year ago, the police found him sleeping in a star bed when she was not at home. Before going to bed, Alvarado took a shower. And another Taylor fan, Bruce Rowley , last April robbed a local bank in the hope of impressing an artist. After taking the cash, he got into the car and went to another singer’s home in Rhode Island. When he reached the mansion, he transferred part of the amount received over the fence to the territory of Swift’s house and was soon detained by local authorities. At the police, the criminal stated that he was in love with Taylor Swift and wanted to win her heart with his crime.