The airline EgyptAir defended Thursday for having published in its review Horus a false interview of the American actress Drew Barrymore, become viral on social networks because of remarks considered strange.

Asked by American media, representatives of the actress assured Wednesday that Drew Barrymore had “not participated” in the interview.

But EgyptAir is defending the interview in a tweet published Wednesday night: “This is an interview of a professional magazine led by Dr. Aida Tekla, former president of the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association).

On Thursday morning, an EgyptAir spokesperson confirmed to AFP that the article was authentic.

It all started on Tuesday with a tweet from Adam Baron, a Yemeni specialist, who took pictures of the magazine’s article aboard an EgyptAir flight: “This interview of Drew Barrymore in the magazine of Egyptair is, uh, surreal, “he wrote.

This publication, which had several thousand retweets and “likes” Thursday morning, triggered a viral reaction on social networks.

From the introduction of the article in English, the author comments on the sentimental life of the 43-year-old American actress, explaining that she had “almost 17 relationships, engagements and marriages”.

“Psychologists think her behavior is natural because she has not had a male model in her life,” he says.

The author then attributes this response to the actress about her overweight due to pregnancy: “I’m upset when someone tells me that (…) I managed to lose my overweight.”

“I think it’s a good opportunity to encourage every woman who is overweight to try to regain her beauty and body, especially since it’s not as difficult as you might think,” he adds. .