A 75-year-old man who demonstrated against police brutality in the United States was seriously injured after being pushed by two officers.

As in dozens of other US cities, demonstrations were also held in Buffalo, New York.

Video footage taken by a local broadcaster journalist shows the elderly man walking towards a group of officers and soldiers. After a short interaction, he is pushed by two agents and hits the ground with a bang. The man then starts to bleed on his head. 

Below images could be disturbing for some users:

The incident has been horrified by social media. And the mayor also responds with indignation: “I am deeply shocked by this video. After days of peaceful protests and consultation with the police, this event is daunting,” said Byron Brown.

Most police officers walk on after the demonstrator falls. One of the officers involved bends over the man. It would then be heard that medical help is called in.

According to local media, the man was taken by an ambulance. Police allegedly stated that the demonstrator was injured after tripping. That statement was withdrawn after seeing the video. An investigation has been launched by the police and the two officers have been suspended.

The demonstrator’s identity is unknown. He was hospitalized with serious injuries, but his condition is said to be stable.