In the family of 60-year-old Alec Baldwin replenishment: his 34-year-old wife Hilaria gave birth to the fourth child, and for Alec the kid became the fifth heir, since the actor has an additional 22-year-old daughter from marriage with Kim Basinger.

On Thursday, May 17, Alec and Hilaria had a son.

He’s here! He is perfect!
– wrote the happy mother in the social network, having published the first photo of the newborn child.

Spouses are brought up by four-year-old Carmen Gabriela, two-year-old Raphael Thomas and one-year-old Leonardo Angel Charles, and in November last year a couple Baldwin told Instagram that the kids would have another brother or sister.

Hilary until the last months of pregnancy did not throw her favorite yoga classes and told them about the followers in the social network. On Thursday morning, she published a selfie and asked them to wish her good luck, and a few hours later the baby was born.