Financially it could not run better for 50 cents right now. Since early 2017, the US rappers is no longer considered bankrupt – and perhaps for a reason: even before most have come to see, the musician has namely set to bitcoins.

In the video: 50 Cent Celebrates His Bitcoin Success

Curtis James Jackson III, as it’s called by the 50 cent civic name, accepted crypto currency as its currency for its latest album, Animal Ambition, which hit the market in 2014. According to “TMZ” he should have got so then 700 Bitcoins. At this time, the value of a coin was still around 537 euros.

But the rapper did not sell the bitcoins, but kept them, probably doing the business of his life. Meanwhile, the price of cryptocurrency is about 8,500 euros. 700 Bitcoins bring him around 6 million euros today.

About the latest news about his surprising blessing expressed 50 cents already on Instagram. On the photo platform he wrote in reference to his hit “Just A Lil Bit”: “A small coin complacent? LOL. I know, I’ll make you sick, but excuse me: I’m the one who gets the money bag. “Another post also states,” Not bad for a South Side kid. I’m so proud of myself.”