Are they good genes or is she given a helping hand here and there? Victoria Beckham (46) always looks radiant and the former Spice Girl now reveals how she keeps her skin so young.

“Do I like a few glasses of wine too much? Absolutely”

Victoria tells in a video on Instagram that she used to smear everything on her face, but that she has stopped. “I smeared a lot of rubbish on my face. I used these products on my children too.”

What she still uses every day is sunscreen. “I always try to use a high factor sunscreen so that I protect my face as much as possible.” She also takes supplements that contribute to healthy skin.

The former Spice Girl herself is not at all impressed with her appearance. “I’m not a supermodel. I’m a 46-year-old mother of four. I feel blessed and happy. I try to live as healthy as possible.” This is mainly reflected in a healthy diet and regular exercise. But she emphasizes that she sometimes lets herself go. “Do I also like a few glasses of wine too much? Absolutely, because I think it’s important to have fun too.”

Victoria has been leading a fashion empire for years and now focuses on beauty too. “We work with the best make-up developers in the world.” She tries to keep her beauty products as raw and clean as possible. “I want to be honest about what we use in our products.” 

She tries to reach the common man and woman with this. “Women don’t take the time to put on make-up.” She therefore develops basic products that can be used in different ways.