Earth Alliance, an initiative set up in July by Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth, has pledged 4.5 million euros to protect and conserve the Amazon rainforest after the fierce fires that have been raging there for weeks.

DiCaprio posted a message from the organization on its Instagram page , where this was announced.

“After the emergency fund for the Amazon forest was set up on Sunday, Earth Alliance works with local partners and different communities to support them in protecting habitats there.”

“The fund donates money to 5 different organizations in the area. Earth Alliance is committed to protecting nature. We are very concerned about the ongoing crisis in the Amazon, which underlines the importance of the delicate balance between climate, biodiversity and the health of indigenous peoples, “is the message.

DiCaprio has been committed to the environment for years and has used its reputation more often to alert people to climate change.