Tom Cruise, at 56, boasts excellent fitness and physical fitness – it’s not for nothing that he personally performs all the stunts in his films (which sometimes, of course, leads to serious injuries that stop the shooting process). And now, after 32 years, the actor was worthless to repeat the stunts from the movie “The best shooter”, which he easily performed in his 20th birthday.

Currently in San Diego are shooting the film “The best shooter: Maverick”, where Cruz again plays a major role. According to the plot, his character has to go away from the chase on a motorcycle – very similar to the one on which Tom drove in the first picture. In 1986, his skills impressed the audience so much that, thanks to the slogan of the film “I feel the need, the need for speed,” the cult game series of video games EA’s Need for Speed appeared. And now Cruz rides again on a Kawasaki motorcycle, as if more than 30 years had passed. Eyewitnesses noted that the actor looks amazingly young and cheerful on a sports bike, and also famously controlled with him. What will come out of the sequel “The best shooter” in the end, we learn in the summer of 2019.