The large data breach at Facebook, where hackers gained access to user accounts and personal information, ultimately drove 30 million people. The tech company reported this in a statement, after their own research. Earlier, it was reported about 50 million people affected.

According to Facebook , which cooperates with the FBI to track down the hackers, the leak was due to three errors in the software. They ensured that the criminals could gain access to stored passwords. This enabled them to take over user accounts.

Data captured

Approximately 15 million duped users took names and contact information. A further 14 million Facebookers also involved more details in the profiles. At 1 million accounts were hacked but the hackers had no access to data.

Facebook came out with the news at the end of September that a leak had been found in its social network. According to Facebook, the hack did not take place on other applications like Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp.