Facebook concludes its mistakes after the Cambridge Analytica case.

Cambridge Analytica case, new episode. While the British company has officially closed, and denies having practiced illegal actions, Facebook is (almost) forced to clean. And for good reason: the personal data of 87 million users including thousands of French were looted to influence the US elections or Brexit. Faced with this, Facebook is playing the card of transparency and has just proceeded to ban 200 applications – just that – that could steal the private data of users. This is necessary for the social network to restore trust with its users. As a reminder, the site of Mark Zuckerberg will have recently updated its policy, deleted the reverse directory and applied a lot of other measures against “fake news “.

200 applications banned by Facebook

It is on his blog that Facebook himself announced the removal of 200 applications that could harm the privacy of users of the social network.

So far, thousands of applications have been analyzed while 200 have been suspended – waiting for an in-depth investigation to see if they have actually looted data. The investigation process is in full swing.

Suffice to say that Facebook seems to play security through this development via the voice of Ime Archibong, vice president of Facebook in charge of product partnerships. The article also takes the opportunity to describe the inquiry process the man is talking about. First, all applications are scrutinized to find those that can divert the personal data of users. Then, Facebook speaks directly to the developers to ask them the reasons for this hijacking.

However, Facebook says it has “a lot more work to do to find apps that can misuse Facebook data ” and recognizes that the process ” will take time “. Ime Archibong ends up explaining “invest a lot to ensure that the investigation is as thorough as possible“, while promising to ” keep abreast of progress “.