Icon Park Orlando

A 14-year-old teenager died Thursday night in Orlando at ICON Park after falling from a free-fall ride, as many witnesses watched.

A tragedy occurred Thursday evening in an amusement park in Orlando (Florida). According to local media, a 14-year-old boy died after falling from the “Orlando Free-Fall”. This ride, which opened in December 2021, is billed as “the tallest freefall tower in the world.” It culminates at 130 meters and can accommodate a maximum of thirty visitors at a time. Passengers are seated in a circular gondola that revolves around a huge tower. Once at the top, thrill seekers are let loose at a speed of 120 km/h.

Witnesses called the emergency services when they saw a young man fall into the void during the descent of the basket. The victim succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Authorities have not given details as to the circumstances of the accident or revealed the identity of the teenager. According to a terrible video circulating on Facebook, the teenager fell from a height of about 20 meters. An investigation is ongoing and the attraction has been closed until further notice.

The investigation for the 14 year old teenager is ongoing as per the statement of Orange County Sheriff John Mina “it appears to be a terrible tragedy.” He said the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs is investigating the safety of the ride.

The spokespoerson for the Slingshot Group of Companies said in a statement that “Needless to say we are devastated, Our hearts go out this young man’s family, and we are cooperating with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and other local agency’s ongoing investigations which I cannot comment on any further at this time.”

ICON park is an entertainment Park in Orlando having amusement park rides as well shopping, dining, an aquarium, a Madame Tussauds wax museum and other fun attractions.