12 were killed and 4 wounded during a shooting in the city of Virginia Beach, USA. The suspected offender is dead.

A mass shooting in a municipal administration building in the state of Virginia late Friday night of Danish time has cost 12 people their lives.

It announces the local police in the city of Virginia Beach at a press conference, writes several US media.

At the same time, four people were injured. Several of them are in critical condition, writes CNN.

Offender killed by officers

The shooting took place on Friday afternoon around four local time in an administrative building located near the Virginia Beach Town Hall.

According to police, the suspected offender is dead. He was killed in a bullshit with heavily armed officers who arrived shortly after receiving several emergency calls.

A police officer was also hit by shots, but a bullet-proof vest saved his life.

Long-term employee

The suspect’s perpetrator was a long-time employee of the local city council’s public works department. It tells the police chief of Virginia Beach James Cervera according to the news agency AP.

He also says that the perpetrator opened fire on municipal employees in the building and fired shots “arbitrarily” against those present.

The police believe that the suspected offender acted on his own.

“Most Terrible Day”

The city’s mayor, Bobby Dyer, says in a statement that it is “the most terrible day” in the city’s history.

Virginia Beach is the largest city in the state of Virginia and a popular destination for tourists.