The adaptation of the horror spin-off “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Sabrina comics, the apprentice witch by Netflix platform is shown in a trailer that announces the color.

Developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale showrunner and creative director of Archie Comics), Sabrina’s New Adventures television series tells the story of a teenage girl (half-witch, half-deadly) who, at the dawn of her sixteenth birthday, will have to make a choice between accepting to be baptized to become a true witch or giving up that part of her to become a mere mortal. She will decide to refuse and will, therefore, have to deal with evil forces that threaten her family and the world of mortals because in the shadows, the horrible Madam Satan is ready to do anything to punish the Spellman family.

The cast is composed of Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina Spellman), Miranda Otto (Zelda Spellman), Lucy Davis (Hilda Spellman), Ross Lynch (Harvey Kinkle), Michelle Gomez (Mary Wardell / Madam Satan), Chance Perdomo (Ambrose Spellman), Jaz Sinclair (Rosalind Walker), Richard Coyle (Blackwood), Tati Gabrielle (Prudence), Adeline Rudolph, Abigail Cowen, Lachlan Watson, Bronson Pinchot and Gavin Leatherwood.

A trailer for The new adventures of Sabrina