Zayn Malik appeared in court earlier this week for the alleged abuse of his mother-in-law Yolanda Hadid (57). The singer was sentenced to a probationary period of almost a year on Wednesday because he would have hurt the Dutch former model “mentally and physically”, ‘TMZ’ reported Friday on the basis of court documents. The 28-year-old Zayn must also take an anger management course, according to the entertainment website.

On Thursday, insiders said the former One Direction member and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid had broken off their relationship because of an argument between Zayn and Yolanda. They have not yet responded to the news of a breakup, but did say that the safety of their 1-year-old daughter is the priority. Zayn also denies hitting Yolanda.

According to TMZ, the court documents state that the alleged incident was already in September. The singer is said to have scolded the former model and called her, among other things, ‘ f**ckng Dutch slut ‘. Zayn is said to have pushed her against a closet after an altercation. His girlfriend and a guard would also have been verbally abused by the singer.

The singer has not challenged the allegations and paid a fine. If he sticks to the terms of his probation for the next six months, a judge could end it sooner.