The showbiz split between Gigi Hadid (26) and Zayn Malik (28) kept the spirits busy last year, after Zayn is said to have had a big fight with mother-in-law Yolanda Hadid (58). Zayn has now put this turbulent period behind him and he is already dating again. The singer has registered on a dating platform for ‘fuller’ women: ‘WooPlus’.

”I like ladies with more curves”
Less than three months after the end of his relationship with Gigi, Zayn is ready to mingle again . The singer now focuses on women with a different appearance than his previous relationship: a clip of Zayn on the WooPlus app for ‘ plus size’ women has been leaked.

The app requires you to verify yourself with your face so that the site knows that you are not a fake account. This is done by means of emojis that appear on the screen. In the video we see Zayn with a beard, making different faces. He calls himself Zed on the dating platform and lists Ottaville, Philadelphia as the location.

In 2016, Zayn already told Billboard about his preference for ‘fuller’ women. “I like ladies with more curves,” said the singer. Still, you wouldn’t say that if you look at the ladies he’s dated before. Zayn has been in a relationship with Gigi for six years, has also dated Neelam Gill and was even engaged to Perrie Edwards, known from the girl group Little Mix.

Gigi and Zayn had a relationship since 2015, which had broken down before. In 2019, the couple got back together to seal their happiness in September 2020 with the arrival of baby Khai.

Unfortunately, this relationship came to an end for good after the alleged abuse of his mother-in-law Yolanda. Zayn even had to appear in court. The singer was given a probationary period of almost a year, because he would have caused the Dutch former model ‘psychological and physical pain’, TMZ reported on the basis of court documents.

You can say that the year 2021 is one to quickly forget for Zayn. After being kicked out by his record label, accusations of assault and custody issues over his daughter, the singer is also said to be “unruly and on drugs.”

According to a source from the entertainment website Radar Online , Gigi has previously tried to salvage her relationship with the singer by letting him work on his personal problems. “Gigi urged Zayn to talk to a therapist so he could work on his problems.