In the relationship between Zayan Malik and Gigi Hadid, everything is serious – so much so that the singer decided on a permanent change of residence: the ex-star One Direction put up for sale his house in England and is going to move permanently for Gigi’s sake in New York.

Realtors are already looking for a buyer for the house for sale Zayan (it is located in English Hertfordshire and will cost the new owner about 4.6 million dollars). Zayan himself is now in New York, where he spends most of the time, and is looking for an apartment in Manhattan for purchase.

“Life in New York has made Zayan happier than ever,” says the insider. “It seems to him that the right time has come to sell the house in England, because it does not actually exist there anyway.”

Also, the source adds that when he returns to England to visit his family, the singer will stop at his parents’ house in Bradford. Own home in England, Zayan is not needed.